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PEAK Educational Consulting, LLC believes that each student has their own path to traverse, and it is important to explore individual interests and aptitudes to find the right college fit. PEAK empowers students and works collaboratively with families throughout the college search, preparation, application, and selection process. PEAK's fully integrated technology solutions and virtual meetings are designed for flexibility and to meet the needs of students and families throughout Naples, Florida, and the United States. 


PEAK's specialized college consulting services are customized for students in traditional and non-traditional learning environments. We incorporate an extensive line of aptitude, career, learning, and interest inventories to support the development of an educational and career plan that caters to each student's unique goals and needs. With PEAK, you can count on our individualized support to guide your student on the path to success.


Are you interested in playing sports at the college level? PEAK specializes in helping student-athletes throughout the recruiting and selection process. With one-on-one support and flexible scheduling options, PEAK provides the tailored guidance needed to navigate the collegiate recruiting and application process, maximizing academic and athletic success.

PEAK offers remote access for all meetings and services.

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