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PEAK Educational Consulting, LLC  offers comprehensive college consulting services for students and families. PEAK's customized plans and one-on-one support meet the needs of each student. Whether you are just starting the process or already deep in the college search, PEAK is here to help you reach your highest success.

Throwing Caps

Initial Consultation

PEAK Educational Consulting, LLC is available for hourly consultation services to provide initial information and advice about the college search, recruiting and the application process.


Custom Blocks

Need a little help? Customized college counseling service blocks are available to assist students and families as they navigate specific topics.  

College Dorm

Comprehensive Plans

Designed to help guide students through each phase of the college admissions and/or athletic recruiting process.  Plans include: 

  • Base Camp (grades 8-9)

  • Ascent (grade 10)

  • Summit (grades 11-12)

  • Senior Year Survival Guide (grade 12)

  • Student-Athlete (varies by sport) 

Lacrosse Team


Special information sessions are available for teams, groups, schools and organizations seeking a shared advisory experience.

Contact PEAK Educational Consulting, LLC to learn more about our customized plans and services.

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