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NCAA Lingo Simplified

NCAA recruiting involves the process of college coaches recruiting high school student-athletes for their respective athletic programs. Here are some key terms and dates associated with NCAA recruiting:

1. Contact Period: During this period, coaches can have in-person contact with prospective student-athletes. They can visit the athlete's school, watch their games, and have face-to-face conversations. Contact periods vary depending on the sport and NCAA division.

2. Evaluation Period: Coaches can watch prospective student-athletes compete in person during this period. However, they are not allowed in-person contact with the athletes or their families. Like the contact period, the evaluation period varies by sport and division.

3. Quiet Period: In a quiet period, coaches can have face-to-face contact with prospective student-athletes on campus and cannot visit the athlete's school or watch them compete. Coaches can communicate with athletes, and their families cannot do so off-campus.

4. Dead Period: During a dead period, coaches are prohibited from in-person contact with prospective student-athletes. This includes visits to the athlete's school or watching them compete. Coaches can communicate with athletes via phone, email, or other electronic means.

5. National Signing Day: This is the day when prospective student-athletes can sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI) to commit to a specific college or university. Signing dates can vary greatly by sport, division, and individual college. National Letter of Intent Signing days are between November 8, 2023, and August 1, 2024.

It's important to note that these terms and dates are subject to change and may vary across different sports and NCAA divisions. Student-athletes and their families should consult their high school coaches, college coaches, and NCAA resources for the most up-to-date information regarding recruiting timelines and regulations.

To learn more about college athletic recruiting, don't hesitate to contact PEAK and visit NCAA Recruiting Calendars to learn about individual sports calendars and timelines.


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