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How to Make the Most of Your College Years

For high school seniors who have enrolled at a college and will be heading off in the fall,

you should be asking yourself one crucial question: “What is the true purpose of

college?” Although education to prepare for a career probably tops the list for many,

you need to factor in your own interests and passions, those things you have cherished

in high school and before, to be part of your college experience.

To be a savvy college consumer, you must learn what services and resources your school has that can facilitate your path to a profession.

On many campuses, there is no additional charge for benefits that range from resume-

writing classes to weight-management programs. In fact, a growing number of college

career services offices have programs specifically aimed at younger students, not just seniors. The career-counseling department should be a first-year agenda item for these reasons. These visits can be a great way to learn what’s out there

in the job world after graduation, along with the steps required to get there … steps that

should be taken sooner rather than later.

Academic advising can also be of real help in guiding students in their field of study. For

students aiming for grad school, college professors can be a great source of advice. Also,

be sure to take advantage of specialized extracurricular programs geared to your

interests. Whether you’re seeking an activity that might help you meet like-minded

others quickly, or something that’s a stepping-stone to professional opportunities, know

before you go.

The bottom line: It’s important to know that your college or university is really an

almost endless source of help and enrichment. During your undergraduate years, be

sure to maximize your opportunities — and value — by taking advantage of all the

aspects your school has available.

At PEAK, we believe in coaching college applicants to make them prepared, educated,

articulate and knowledgeable for their college experience. PEAK's individualized

approach supports students and highlights each unique candidate's academic and personal achievements. We offer remote access and virtual meetings for all services. For

more information, give us a call today.


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